Who we are

The most rational approach in every single business is specialization, the wish to be the best in your business. Cooking is a complex science that requires an extended training and a great ability. Crab that was cooked by a chef of an ordinary restaurant and crab that was cooked by a highly skilled chef – differs fundamentally.

We don’t reinvent the wheel by creating our single-product restaurant. “The philosophy of one and only unbeatable dish” comes near to us and we aspire that the quality of this one and only dish is bring to perfection.

We have only two main products – crab and burger. And we offer 8-10 kinds of burger and 8-10 dishes made with crab. We believe that we succeeded to get interesting compromise between diversified menu and single-product concept.


40 Rubinstein st, Saint-Petersburg

+7(812) 906-24-06